Your Agile Leadership & Teambuilding 

Lead from ANY position within your team


For Corporate, Government, Non-Profit & Educational Audiences

Amidst explosions, flying meteors & molten planets, thunder & lightning, a giraffe, a raging tsunami, revved-up chain saws, the Flintstones, a microscope, a fast food hamburger and an imaginary ball-point pen, The Quiet Riot invites you to a unique, funny, and motivational event of self-discovery that empowers your Agile & Empathic Leadership from ANY position within your team.  This interactive performance explores: mindfulness, compassion, and building collegial support. Using the theater arts, this program will reveal your empathic leadership with William Glasser’s four qualities of an innovative high performance team: BELONGING, CHOICE, FUN, & RESPECT.

As an audience member in this performance/workshop, you will discover:

  • How you can find your most resourceful & compassionate state with mindfulness
  • Your “passions” for your unique & innovative contribution to your team
  • Your temperament & how to work effectively with the other temperament styles.
  • Which 2 out of the 8 of your intelligences (posited by Howard Gardner) you know best 
  • How to enhance your unique voice so you can “be heard” effectively by your team
  • Your most powerful tool of respect & leadership: Empathic Listening

"The power of your presentation was due not only to the professionalism of your performance, but also to the fact that you connected self discovery & appreciation of others to both our personal & professional lives.  The performances & interactive events helped the audience see more clearly what they bring to the workplace.  Great Work!! "  
Steve Zeisler, OZ Creative Thinking Network,  DuPont

"Many, many employees have commented to us that 'they haven't laughed so hard in years' and that after leaving your show they felt rejuvenated ... At the same time, they reported that they got more out of your one hour session than they did in two days of training."
Gladney & Brody, Bell Atlantic Corp.

 "I was especially impressed by the way you picked up clues about our culture and incorporated them in your act. Of course, the most compelling feedback is from participants:
"Creative, clear, entertaining, talented, and fun"
"Covered a lot of ground and at a very deep level"
"Entertaining & provocative link of universal truths to business and life"
"Even the skeptics participated"

Martha Johnson, Chief of Staff, General Services Administration