Your Agile Leadership & Teambuilding


Your Agile Leadership is your leadership from ANY position within your team  by empowering William Glasser’s Four Human Needs within Community: Belonging, Choice, Fun & Respect—-the tools of TeamBuilding.

INTRODUCTION—You, Your Gifts& Your Leadership


Universe to Brain  The Universe story in 7 minutes—our BELONGING to all.

The Giraffe did NOT cause the Airplane Crash   BA comedic story about a gifted NASA Leader who was brilliant at Teambuilding because he practiced the secret of BELONGING,

Passions  (Interactive Event)   Each participant sees how his/her individual interests fuel imagination and unique contribution to the team.


300,000 Years of Human Invention in 4 Minutes + Interactive Game  A mime montage that celebrates imagination, showing that FUN is essential for teambuilding.

8 Intelligences  (Interactive Event) Each person discovers which 2 or 3, out of their 8 intelligences, he/she uses best for collaborative problem solving.


The 4 Types Questionnaire  (Interactive Event) Participants discover which temperament type they are and the accompanying strength & challenge.

The 4 Types   4 comedic characters show the 4 personality types, how to work with each one, and that these differences offer the team CHOICE.

Enhance Your Voice    (Interactive Event)  The audience learns 3 mime tricks that reveal the 3 secrets of compelling communication, written or spoken:  Passion, Focus and Persistence.


Mirrors & Intentional Listening  (Interactive Event)   Participants are paired off in a game called "Incorporations" and play a theater game to learn that they already know how to listen completely with their whole being. In this event the audience learns the most powerful tool for Respect and Leadership:  Intentional Listening

The Most Powerful Being  A  simple stonecutter seeks to be The Most Powerful Being, at last he is happy when he finally learns that when he, like you, shares his gifts with his community he becomes The World’s Most Powerful Being.