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Letters of Recommendation


“Your keen awareness of student needs, your ability to synthesize content with elementary appropriate comedy and your engaging style were fantastic! I have received many exclamations from teachers and students touting “Quiet Riot” as the best program they have ever seen.” 
–Lisa McNamara, Asst. to Superintendent, Octorara Area School District

“It was a raving success. With their combination of engaging humor and concrete illustrations. Quiet Riot clearly helped the children learn how to recognize bullying behavior and how to respond to it effectively. Quiet Riot fostered audience participation by frequently soliciting the youngsters’ suggestions about how to handle specific situations and by encouraging them to ask questions. The children paid rapt attention throughout the hour-long performance. The Quiet Riot Anti-Bullying Assembly is a “money in the bank “ program with an important and valuable message for today’s children.” 
–Mary O. Gentile, Ed. D. Principal, Rush Elementary School

“Thank you so much for your entertaining, educational and fun performance. It was truly the best Elementary assembly performance that I have seen in many years. You had the students in the palm of your hands (or in the bottom of the bag) every step of the way. Your message was clear! All of the kids walked away understanding the anti-bullying message. I have so many robots in the school today it is really funny. They practice while they are in line to go somewhere.” 
–Heather Snyder, Principal, Struble Elementary School

“I am compelled to write to thank you for presenting such a dynamic program to the children of Hillview School. We have a fine school; however, sometimes the children have disagreements and fail to treat each other fairly. Thus, your presentation on Bullying was needed and very timely. You both work together very well and have developed a fun program that addresses important issues with children. From the moment that they entered the gym our children were laughing and engaged. I would recommend you to other schools because I am sure they will also be very impressed with your program.”
– Linda Thompson, Principal, Hillview Elementary School



“My name is Sterling, I’m in the 4th grade. I loved the show. It was entertaining to us. I love the sound effects. They were cool. I learned that just a word can make big trouble. Also that friends stand up for friends. The thing I think that was the best thing for all of the kids (not meaning a baby goat) is LISA (Listen, Include, Share and Appreciate). I loved the show and hope that your play will make a big change in bullying at our school.”

“They made me realize that I shouldn’t pick on little kids because I was that age once too, and I didn’t like getting picked on. (Especially, since I’m in 5th grade)” 

“The fireball part was so funny my eyeballs popped out and they were even laughing.”

“I learned a lot of things from the play you and your brother did. I had fun too! I learned not to call people names, even bullies. I learned everybody is special.”



“You’ve outdone yourselves again! The anti-Bullying program you presented this morning was spectacular. It was right on target and set the tone for the rest of the activities we have to follow in the next weeks and months.” 
“I was so glad your presentation was on the appropriate level for our students (7th-8th grades). You didn’t talk down or preach to our kids. And you weren’t too simplistic either. Rather you presented stories they could relate to, especially the one about the 7th grade flute player. A number of students were talking about that story during lunch.” 

–Michael Parry Ed. D, Asst. Principal, Tamanend Middle School

“I cannot think of a better way to get the school year off to a great start! Your assembly presentation today about Bullies, Targets, and Bystanders hit the perfect note for our Middle School students. It was engaging and compelling and sent along a very important message.” 

–Emily Wagner, Asst. Head of Middle School, Germantown Academy