Celebrations of Giving and Light

A Holiday Performance
Designed for grades K-6, 6-12

“Exploring the heritage, traditions, and stories of world cultures is especially meaningful at this time of year, and your balanced treatment of this sometimes controversial subject was extremely well done. As I mentioned at the show, our children have never been so attentive to a performance in my memory. They were mesmerized.”
— Dennis Lowe, Principal Eleanor Roosevelt School, Morrisville, PA

Many principals and teachers have communicated to us their frustration with trying to celebrate specific events like Christmas and Hanukkah in a meaningful way for fear of affronting someone.

In answer to this challenge The Quiet Riot has created a multi-cultural performance for November through December called: Celebrations of Giving and Light. This show honors five great festivals at the turn of the year:

  • Native American Heritage Month

  • Hanukkah

  • Christmas

  • Kwanzaa

  • Chinese New Year

This 50-minute performance is filled with storytelling, mime, music, and sound effects. A brilliant display of lit candles from menorahs to Chinese candle lanterns captures the magic of the season. Each tradition is explored respectfully, first by sharing the origin of the festival and then by telling a folktale, legend, or story from that culture.

Despite the differences between the many cultures there are two elements that all five festivals have in common: Giving and Light. What better way to understand and celebrate our differences than by reflecting on the similarities that we all share?

One month before the performance is scheduled, the following instructions are sent to your school for:  

The Art Teacher to show the children how to craft a gift from each culture. 

The Music Teacher so the children can learn a festival song from each culture.  

The Gym teacher so the children can learn a game from each culture.         

Let us revisit the warmth of our festival and share the celebrations of others. It is our hope that by including others we increase our understanding of diversity and make our own traditions more meaningful.