Character Education and Substance Awareness

Your Seven Strengths

Designed for grades K-6

A self-esteem character education program that empowers children by revealing their inner gifts and strengths and making them aware of the support systems which are already in their lives. The performance explores the importance of feelings, good health, friends, interests, imagination, group, and positive thinking (I can). The presentation uses mime, comedy, storytelling, drama, improvisation, music, sound effects and audience participation. We have created "The Whole Kid Activity Guide" for classroom teachers so they may reinforce the concepts dramatized during the presentation.

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Your Choice

Designed for grades 7-12

A show that examines the external forces that students must cope with surrounding the decision to use alcohol and drugs. This performance is poignant, sometimes funny, sometimes hard hitting. Our goal is to provoke questions. With the use of mime, verbal comedy, music, special effects, this program is constantly asking: "What do you think?" and "Which choices are truly yours?" Above all, the program challenges each student to take a look at all the choices, consider the consequences and responsibilities and, most importantly, to make his or her own decisions.

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