You can bring Compassionate Care into the world by bringing your whole self to the Present Moment in work, play & relating to others.



Health Care Teams—Exemplary Care & Collegial Support

As an audience member of this interactive performance, you will experience the three Resilience Practices : MINDFULNESS, CONNECTEDNESS & COMPASSION. 

Mindfulness—awareness, sense of ease, contentment, curiosity & openness

  • A powerful ring from King Solomon’s court that helps you let go of negative ideas
  • A true love story about Rob, Emma, the “Happy Buddha” & how happiness works
  • A meditation that will bring you to now & help you think more clearly & creatively 

Connectedness—life meaning, awake to the simple pleasures of the day & gratitude

  • The Story of the Universe in 7 Minutes and your connection to everything
  • A reflective practice that awakens you to the surprises that await you each day
  • The Sax Player’s Dream—a true story about synchronicity & compassion 

Compassionate Care for Yourself & Others—forgiveness, empathy & good health!

  • 4 ideas to know & pass on about your good health: >sugar, active play, best beverage: water, Michael Pollan's “7 words”: EAT FOOD, NOT TOO MUCH, MOSTLY PLANTS!
  • What Happens When Charlie Falls in Love?  Building BELONGING through compassion—a true story from Appreciative Inquiry/UVa Med School
  • A meditation that offers messages of loving kindness to yourself & to others
  • Compassion & connectedness in a mental ward during the London blitz, WWII--a true story about a nurse who creates a healing environment in a war-torn mental ward by insisting that all patients have a job.                  

Conclusion--HealthCare & Society at a Crossroads: 

Measures of Societal Success—You can choose and live your own measure of success:

  • Gross Domestic Product measures only the material world—USA is #1.
  • Happy Planet Index  (HPI)  measures life satisfaction & longevity over ecological cost.  This measure is high with individuals, health care teams and communities that focus on well-being—Our Society is #105 out of 150 nations measured by the HPI.  Costa Rica is #1 out of 150 nations.
  • 100 People—a gratitude world-story that shows how mindfulness & connectedness lead to promoting the common good--compassionate care for yourself and then for your teammates & patients 

 Your gifts of compassion and leadership from any position within your team will evolve your health care immediately to new levels of excellence, well being and healing…irrespective of government policy and corporate funding.