Design, Mindfulness & Moral Imagination                 

For Designers & Builders Who are Shaping the Future

Quiet Riot brings storytelling, mime, physical comedy, sound effects, music and audience interaction to engineers, architects, designers and builders of our future, in the performance, Design, Mindfulness & Moral Imagination.  

Our technology (AI, genetics, computers, fossil fuel reliance, etc.) is taking on god-like powers and consequences, so it is essential that designers and builders see and feel the interconnection: within their own minds and bodies, with others and with the natural world as they shape the future. This is designing with Moral Imagination.

  "Technology, Science & Contemporary Issues [is a required course of all First Year Engineering students that] asks how 21st Century engineers might engage their moral imaginations to address the challenges of the 21st century, that is, to build a desirable future. For the opening of the fall semester, The Mettler Brothers delivered an engaging, theatrical overture, which helped to launch the subject of the course in a wonderfully provocative manner.  The performance brought forward the message that engineers have a significant role to play in ethically creating the future."    

Dr. Rosalyn Berne, Dept. of Science Technology & Society, University of Virginia School of Engineering

"Your performance was the highlight of our National Quality Month celebration.  The 2 standing ovations you received for your informative & entertaining presentation were well deserved."

Dennis Cronin NAVICP   Department of the Navy  

"You surpassed our expectations and attendees as well. Not everyone receives standing ovations! Your energy and thoughtfulness are contagious. With         your perfect blend of humor and information, everyone was rejuvenated and also learned something." 

Carol Perlstein, Educational Events, AQP