Steps to Fitness

How to Be Healthy & Happy

Nutrition • Self-Esteem • Physical Play

The Quiet Riot uses the theater arts: story, comedy, mime, sound effects, music and audience interaction to explore The Steps to Fitness: Nutrition, Self-Esteem & Physical Play. Your students and staff will:

Make Good Nutrition Choices

  • Discover the Detective Tool (“Nutrition Facts” label) that shows you what to eat and how much
  • “Countdown 5,4,3,2,1” easy Guide to Health
  • Visualize what a healthy meal looks like with “My Plate”
  • Learn that water & milk are the healthiest drinks and that 100% fruit drinks can have as much sugar in them as a can of soda
  • Awaken to how much sugar there is in all processed foods.
  • Realize that Breakfast is your best BrainFood
  • Choose more Fruit & Vegetables—fresh, local & organic
  • Experience that to Eat Good leads to Feel Good & Look Good!

Empower Self-Esteem

  • Recognize your “star qualities”—your talents, gifts & attributes
  • Use your mind to send healthy messages to yourself like “I Can!”
  • Find the “Calm Place” within you for your best problem solving
  • Respect those around you to create community and build your support

Have Fun Being Active Every Day

  • By Yourself—jump rope, shoot hoops
  • With Family—plant a garden, play at the park
  • With Friends—play kickball, ride bikes

Follow-up materials accompany this program so that these empowering health and happiness practices can be shared and used at home with your family.

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