Read reviews of Steps to Fitness:

“The Steps to Fitness program is a must-see for children in grades 3-5. Bill and David’s creative and entertaining performance presents common sense tips for making healthy choices that children can understand without being overwhelmed. The program is fun, interactive and full of important nutrition and exercise facts that students can relate to. Because they walk away with a clear understanding about healthy food choices, portion sizes and the importance of exercise and treating each other with respect, they can begin making small changes with big results immediately. Even adults will be amazed with the information they learn from this 50-minute presentation. Some may think twice about drinking a soda or two every day.”
—Sandra "Sam" Fabian, Community Outreach Program Manager
Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter

“The Steps to Fitness program you presented to the schools was fantastic. In a very creative, entertaining and engaging way you helped children and adults alike learn about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Using math, social studies, geography, science and world affairs you helped the audience see how they can make healthier choices that benefit their body and mind. Thanks for spreading the message.”
—Babs Benson, RN, Director of the Weight Management Program 
Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter

Zoomerang feedback from teachers in the Hampton City Public Schools,  Virginia:

“Great Job!”

“Much needed information and ideas presented in an entertaining way! Best I’ve seen in a long time!”

“The presenters were WONDERFUL!  They were engaging and personable and really made things understandable for the wide age range of the program. Kudos to their valuable information and their improv skills.”

“Great program. I was able to see that the children were enjoying the program because of how quiet they stayed during the performance. I asked my class what they liked and they said the men were funny, active, and had great sound effects. My class was also able to recall facts about nutrition. It may have been a tad too long, but with that said, the children did stay engaged. Thank you for coming.”

“I like how they mixed sharing interesting facts, with movement and interactive presentation.” 
“The students really enjoyed themselves. It was very entertaining! Love the message. So appropriate in this day of overweight children. Would like to see more audience participation. Kids really enjoyed the theatrics especially the awesome sound effects. Cool presentation.”

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