Free Your Voice


Quiet Riot Storytelling Workshop 

You have stories within your life that can connect you with others, form community, reveal possibility and offer hope and healing. Your stories can offer your listeners redemption and remind us of what it is to be human.

Free Your Voice is an interactive workshop where you learn the power of gesture, story and discerning common ground with your audience. Both verbal and non-verbal techniques are learned giving you the opportunity to:

  • Create your personal timeline of life events that have changed you
  • Pull these events from your timeline and craft stories that create connection
  • Elicit and listen to stories that heal from your friends, teammates and clients 
  • Enhance your voice with the theatre arts so that you will “be heard” by your team
  • Empower your presence so you hold & move your audience of one to 1000.

Our workshops use comedy, storytelling, mime, sound effects, and music to convey the content. There is audience learning and interaction in the form of games, movement, written & graphic exercises, theater techniques, reflection time, performance opportunities and small group discussions.

Free Your Voice can be tailored to the hopes, barriers, challenges, goals & vision of your audience.

Free Your Voice can be presented in a 2-hour, half day or full day format.