Free Your Voice Workshop

Meet, greet & nametags, booklets & coloring                                           

Release tensions/awake expressive body: isolations: head, neck, shoulders, back, pelvis

Overview/ Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, mind/body connection,  Power of story: White Paint

Qigong: fire/passion, earth/intention, air/insight, water/openness, wood/connection  

Game: Incorporations->discover your partner

"Mirrors"/Empathic Listening with partners: important event to you in last 24 hours

Group circle: experience with partner

Mime Technique: “clic”, isolation, fidelity:  glass+table;  Mime piece: Jekyll & Hyde


Walkabout/freeze “color”: stages of life 

(optional) Visualization: Elevator or Canoe for  stages of life

Write or draw your timeline of events of high emotional impact 

Example story from timeline: Dave, Bill

Story swap with partner

Group circle: experience with partner


Amoeba tag

Look on your Timeline for re-occurring values & patterns->what is your main value?

Mime Technique: "Isolation”/values, play the game:  “statues”

5 STEPS with partner to find common ground through a story & value from your timeline

Group circle: share an experience with your partner


 Mime Technique: “fidelity” doors->environments: cold, hot, underwater, dark

Group circle: other story sources & storytelling tools

Reflection, rehearsal, meditation

Story swap with partners/another story & value using one or more storytelling tools

Group: Final performance/ each tells story of common ground to an audience of three

Group day review in story: 5 STEPS, 25 secrets  Gaia, Gifts, & Rumi