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Claim Your Genius


 Life Purpose Workshop

You have a one-of-a-kind imagination, a unique perspective, talents and attributes that no one else has in quite your combination—you give something to life and to your communities that no other human being can.

Through storytelling, physical comedy, music, sound effects, games and interactive exercises, The Quiet Riot will offer you the opportunity to discover your unique contribution to your communities and help illuminate your life purpose. 

During this workshop you will:

  • Assess your core interests for your innovative contribution
  • Learn your best 2 out of 8 human intelligences to express your unique creativity
  • Discover your temperament style and how to work with the other three styles
  • Choose the top two skill realms, out of 6, that you are drawn to
  • Create your personal timeline of life events that have changed you
  • Realize the patterns of your timeline and the values that are most important to you
  • Combine all these elements above in a diagram to discern your “genius”
  • Develop your empathic listening skills for building rapport, trust and respect
  • Enhance your own creative voice to “be heard” in and inspire your communities

Claim Your Genius can be presented in a 2-hour, half day or full day format.