Claim Your Genius--a life purpose workshop


2-hour, half-day or full-day formats


 “Universe to Brain”  a physical comedy piece

Game:  Incorporations  a movement game for connection & partnership 



“Donald Duck Skits, Chess & Tape Recorder” stories of interests at 11 years old

“A Night in Paradise” a story about time and passions

Passion List: each participant lists her/his passions

Discuss:  (small groups) core interests

Game:  Mirroring  A mime game about communication and interests



Intelligences Wheel:  the participant identifies his/her primary intelligences

“Picasso, Einstein, Graham, Seegar & Rachel Carson” stories about genius

Discuss:  multi-intelligences

Game:  Slo Mo Amoeba Tag   an energizer about connections & combinations.


BREAK:  relax & reflect



4 Types Questionnaire:  participants discover their temperament

“The 4 Types”   character pieces portraying the 4 temperaments.

Game:  Face Your Teacher  movement game for benefiting from difference

Discuss:   temperaments teach each other effective communication 



“2 Pickpockets” a humorous story about a couple that uses 4 of 6 skill realms

Skill Realms Party:  participants pick their preferred skill realm

Discuss (w/in skill realm)   why you chose this realm

Game:  Ring of Excellence  game for summoning your most resourceful state



“Art Fry, K&S, Dave & Dad’s Pills”  3 short stories about using your genius

Genius Clover: discovering patterns to define your unique genius

Game:  Snapshots  a game for recognizing the genius in others

Discuss:  (whole group) your genius and how it may be applied to family,

                community & work