Stories of Laughter & Sustenance 

For Festivals, Theaters & Community Events

Quiet Riot brings storytelling, mime, physical comedy, sound effects, music and audience interaction to your Festival, Theater or Community Event.

Stories of Laughter & Sustenance is an interactive performance tailored to your event, theme and venue. Quiet Riot will choose stories from a repertoire of over 300 pieces to design a show especially for your audience from these categories:


Personal experience                          Fantasy
Ghost stories                                   Fables
Stories of Integrity                           Compassion stories
Folk tales                                        Wisdom Tales
Supernatural tales                            Dreams
Hero tales                                       Historical stories
Fairy tales                                       Teaching stories
Creation stories                                Spiritual stories
Ancient myths                                  Stories of Belonging
Local legends                                   BIG Picture stories
Literary tales                                   Attitude Shapes Experience tales
Animal stories                                  Stories about Choice
Adventure tales                                Funny stories
Contemporary stories                        How & why stories
Tall tales                                         Trickster tales
Cautionary tales                               Tales of wonder
Conflict Resolution Tales                    Creative Problem Solving Stories
Earth/Sustainability Tales                   Social Bungling Stories
Fear & Triumph Tales                         Fun & Trickster Tales
Tales of Gratitude                             Health Choices stories
Stories of Imperfection                      Interconnection stories
Love stories                                     Inner Treasure tales
World/Multi-Cultural tales                  Stories of Passion & Vision
Stories of Respect & Diversity             Rites of Passage tales
Self Discovery stories                        Stories of Strength
Tales of Trust & Openness                  Stories of Intrigue


"What a fantastic program!  What you should be is a required course in humanity.  You fool us into thinking we're having fun while, in fact, we're being treated to a discourse that may make a profound difference to us and to our world for the rest of our lives."                                                                             

Gail Wittman, Dean of Students, Rutgers University