David & Bill Mettler

          David & Bill Mettler

                 Past Lives    top , 1968 USAF  2nd Lt. Mettler                                              bottom,  1976 HotDog Mettler                         shoots whitewater at              Wolfcreek Wilderness School                                            

                Past Lives top, 1968 USAF 2nd Lt. Mettler                                             bottom, 1976 HotDog Mettler                         shoots whitewater at              Wolfcreek Wilderness School                                            

About Quiet Riot

Quiet Riot uses comedy, storytelling, music, and sound effects to create compelling and meaningful events for theaters, organizations, non-profits, corporations, government agencies, schools and universities. Their programs captivate audiences nationally at:

  • Festivals
  • Theaters
  • Assemblies
  • Conferences
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Leadership Seminars
  • Eco & Innovation Events
  • Motivational & Recognition Events
  • Mindfulness & InterConnection Events
  • Half & Full-Day Workshops: Self Discovery & Communication

Since their first performance in April 1978, the Quiet Riot has given over 5000 presentations. They have appeared on both public and commercial television. Some of their presenters include: Lincoln Center, NASA Goddard Space Center, The Earth Policy Institute,  3M Company, Cigna Corporation, DuPont, Lucent Technologies, IBM, , the UN Earth Charter Summits, US Army, Navy, Air Force, Duke, University of Virginia and the National Storytelling Festival. 

Bill and David Mettler

Quiet Riot is a team of two brothers — Bill Mettler, Executive Storyteller, and David Mettler, Person in Charge of Noises and Opportunities.

The brothers’ collection of life experiences has inspired their repertoire. In their combined experience they have: circled the globe, led rock climbing expeditions, harvested cotton in Israel, commanded USAF satellites, worked on off-shore oil rigs, directed a wilderness school, built a courthouse in Australia, flew airplanes, barely escaped indoctrination into a Moonie commune, worked with drug addicts, the homeless, the CIA, and taught 2nd grade.

They have degrees in aerospace engineering and natural resource management. They have studied acting, improvisation, mime, jazz and modern dance, ballet,  Neuro-Linguistic Programming, motivational psychology, Continuous Quality Improvement, Eco-Economics, sustainability, PermaCulture, mindfulness and interconnection with: self, others, and our planet.