Each person in the US consumes the equivalent of 26 barrels of oil per year: 10 barrels are for food, 9 for cars & 7 for the house.

We have just 6 years to build a clean renewable energy economy.

"Greenhouse gas emissions must peak and decline by 2015 or today's youth will face life on a radically different planet than the one we now inhabit."
—Dr. James Hansen, 

Director, NASA Goddard Institute


Upcoming Events

Launching Your Transition Community

We are alive and awake in a time of great transition. 

The crises of Peak Oil, Climate Change and Economic Instability hold danger and opportunity. Our oil-based economy has lost its resilience to respond to shocks to its system because it is dependent on declining supplies.

In 2005, Permaculture Designer Rob Hopkins, and a group of students in Kinsale, Ireland decided it was better to plan, build local resilience and be prepared than to be taken by surprise. They created an Energy Descent Action Plan for Kinsale and the Transition Town Movement began.

Today there are over 900 communities world-wide who are in the process of Transition — each community using its collective genius to build local resilience, reduce carbon and create a more abundant, connected and healthier future for all: Local artisans, food, clean energy, building materials, health care and services.

The Transition Movement is one of the most promising and creative ways to seize the opportunity to build a community life that is more fulfilling, more socially connected and more equitable than the one we have today.

Learn how to launch your Transition Community — join us, Quiet Riot on:

July 9: Thursday, for Introduction to Transition Towns at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Town Square Series/Sustainability Forum, 6 PM Networking, 6:30 PM performance. Free & Open to the Public. RSVP:

July 17 & 18: Friday & Saturday, Transition Training for 50 self-selected Philadelphia Area citizen leaders and activists; Quiet Riot will use performance, Transition Training materials and exercises. 8:30 AM - 5 PM both days, Arcadia University, Glenside, PA.  Affordable Fee: $125, including lunch and snacks by Cosmic Catering—locally grown and organic. Scholarships available.

To register or get more information, email Quiet Riot  or call us at 215-885-8825.

Quiet Riot in On-Going Partnerships

The Community Power! Network

Quiet Riot is coordinating a political action team to advocate for the most effective Climate Solutions--Green Jobs available to all in: Energy Efficiency, Solar, Wind, Zero Waste, Trails & Rails, and Locally Grown Organic Food. If you would like to join our email action team to build a socially just, sustainable nation & world, email rioteer, Bill Mettler:
The Community Power! discussion website is:

Cheltenham: A Solar Energy Township by 2015

Quiet Riot is working with Cheltenham Environmental Advisory Committee to create a Green Community where affordable solar energy is available to all by 2015.
Our vision is to help: eliminate wasteful energy practices, install efficiency technologies, drive up demand for clean renewable energy and political action to make individual & community-produced solar & wind energy affordable for everyone by 2015. Towns within southeast Pennsylvania and beyond are invited to join us and become solar by 2015.

Come Join Our Solar Towns Initiative

  • Save money and Save our Planet with Energy Conservation

  • Drive up Demand for Clean Renewable Energy & Green Jobs

  • Join us in Political Action to make Solar Affordable for Everyone

For information go to:, go to "Events/Other", scroll down to & click: "Environmental Projects", scroll down to "Solar Energy Initiative" or call Bill Mettler at Quiet Riot: 215-885-8825 or email:

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