The Planet Earth Show--Respecting Our Planet


Designed for K to 6th Grade

Introduction   We are collaborating with New Jersey Counties in their Clean Communities Campaigns to keep our counties litter-free, clean, green and gorgeousWe can learn how to use our resources wisely & how to shrink our Eco Footprint:  "DO the BIG 10” 

Universe to Brain    A high-energy physical comedy piece with sound effects and props that reveals the uniqueness within each of us and our interdependence with one another, the Earth, and our life support systems. We are one human family, we get one planet to support us- so we share one future.

The Beautiful Island Community    A small island community lives in harmony with the sea, the land, the air and with one another--everything is in balance until more and more people move in and then they try to deal with all the garbage and waste with one invention after another. Finally they discover that they haven't dealt with the root problem--we're making more garbage than the world can absorb--it is time to turn to REUSE, THE 21ST CENTURY SKILL.

300,000 Years of Human Invention in 4 Minutes A mime montage and game with the audience, to guess the 30 “significant” inventions from fire to the fast food hamburger. 

Plastics! Plastic Water bottles and plastic bags--Down with Disposables, Up with Reuse!

2 Schools: The Recycle School & The Reuse School
BIG 10 step #3: Use cloth bags and Sigg bottles instead of plastic

70 to One: When we reuse containers, tools, and materials we eliminate disposables. For every garbage can of waste we prevent, we save 70 garbage cans of garbage from being made in the first place, all along the waste stream. .

Reach for the Stars (audience participation) An energetic audience game that shows: There is great excitement and mystery in the natural world and that we all belong to one community of life which we must respect by using energy wisely, reuse and recycle.

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