One Earth, One Family, One Future

Designed for grades 6-12, universities, and organizations

A Quiet Riot Performance inspired by the ideas of:
Lester Brown’s "Plan B 2.0",
Miriam MacGillis, OP & Genesis Farm,
The UN Earth Charter,

4 Types Questionnaire Interactive Event—each audience member discovers his/her personality type: Communicator, Thinker, Integrator, or Director

Introduction We introduce the idea that the Human Family is poised to make a Great Transformation, we are about to change FROM our illusion of Separateness — finite and diminishing dirty energy INTO the reality of Interdependence — inexhaustible and sharable clean energy. We show how our two-man team on stage (engineering and metaphor) relies on interdependence.

Universe to Brain A high energy physical comedy piece with sound effects and props that reveals the uniqueness within each of us, and our interdependence with one another, the Earth, and our life support systems.

4 Billion-Year History of Oil Starting with dead plankton being cooked over millions of years by pressure and heat into hydrocarbons to the human pursuit of global power leading to our present day hydrocarbon “house of cards:” Climate Change and Resource Depletion.

Ice Satellite True story that reveals Climate Change in acceleration

300,000 Years of Human Invention in 4 Minutes A mime montage and game with the audience to guess the 30 “significant” inventions from fire to the fast food hamburger. Some of our inventions have given us comfort, knowledge, or threaten our extinction.

The 3 Ps and New Inventions:  People, Planet, Profit in Balance: All we need to correct our course is ALREADY HAPPENING on our planet in small projects, e.g. with regard to energy: solar (PV, thermal, thin film, hot water heating); geo-thermal; wind turbines; energy efficiency; and environmental policy reform. This last “invention” is the key to moving these small successful initiatives to mainstream practices.

Carbon Fee & Dividend Interactive Event that shows the chain reaction that occurs when Congress puts a price on carbon and returns the money to the people in equal shares. Our Economy shifts from fossil fuel dependence to a clean renewable energy economy--we shift from Separateness to Interdependence.

The 4 Personality Types 4 comedic characters respond to Carbon Fee & Dividend and the new paradigm of Interdependence: Communicator sees The Big Picture of Earth Community, Thinker delves into the details of the solutions already at work on the planet, Integrator celebrates that the vulnerable people especially will have monthly dividends to help them during the shift to a clean energy economy and the Director recommends action with the most timely and effective initiative: to contact your Congressman and Senators to support:  Carbon Fee & Dividend!

Audience Action Steps :

  1. Conserve Energy, Save Money, and Reduce Carbon Emissions — 10 steps for home & school!

  2. Have your family choose Clean Renewable Energy through your Energy Provider to drive up demand for solar and wind energy.

100 People The 6.6 billion people in our global community are represented by a village of 100. The audience will see that, as Americans — at this point in history and in a brief window of opportunity — we are disproportionately empowered to effect change. By evolving toward Earth Community, we strive for our Future: a system that works well for the children of all species.

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