"The children were totally enthralled and the faculty just could not stop raving about the presentation” 
—Fay Manicke, Assistant Principal, Edgewood School
“Both students and staff were quick to report that this was the best assembly we’ve had in a long time”    —Joanne Weaver, Principal Willow Hill School


"In my fourteen years of teaching, I have never seen a more professional, more entertaining, and more motivating performance …Your message came through loud and clear, but without the usual "preaching" … How wonderful to see two extremely talented brothers who are able to blend diverse talents and who choose to channel the resulting product for the betterment of young people. You certainly seem to live and believe in what you teach"
-Betty McDevitt, Teacher, Poquessing Junior High School

“The Seven Strengths presentation was an entertaining and unique way in which to reinforce many of the concepts and themes developed in our elementary guidance program. From self-esteem to problem solving, positive thinking to drug prevention, your medium was a powerful way to enhance the messages we strive year round to bring to our children. Your skills as performers were well matched by your obvious abilities to work with and engage young audiences.”
— James Warfel, Director of Curriculum
Northwestern Lehigh School District, New Tripoli, PA

“Besides feeling proud to have sponsored your program, I am so glad I got to meet you both. Please use my school if you ever need a recommendation” 
—Maureen Montalbetti, Advisor Peer Leadership Program
Pequannock Township District, Pompton Plains, NJ

“I must share with you that no single school program has received such rave reviews from students and staff as has Quiet Riot."
— James Derr, Principal Wyomissing Elementary School, Wyomissing, PA

“A teacher commented to me that she has been teaching for 15 years and she has seen many assembly programs — never one as good as “Your Seven Strengths”. You touched the hearts of all our children. I especially enjoyed seeing our principals participate and be as enthusiastic as our children.” 
— Diane Handwerk, District Life Skills Committee
Hillsborough School District, Neshanic, NJ

“The presentation was very lively and well received by the faculty and the students. The presentation of the meaning of the five holidays was sensitive and appealing to all groups represented in our student body. David and Bill effectively communicated the meaning of each holiday in a thoroughly even-handed fashion. It was very refreshing to see an assembly program on these holidays, which was wholly appropriate in a public school setting.” 
— Maryellen Hirsh, Principal Russell School, Broomall, PA

“The “Celebrations of Giving and Light” addressed our multicultural emphasis with sensitivity, dignity and knowledge.”
— Marion Johnson, McKinley Elementary School, Abington, PA

“As parents, you try so hard to instill in your children good moral judgment and values. A program like yours helps parents by reinforcing the many lessons most parents try to teach at home. You both have something to really be proud of. It is obvious you practice what you preach. This is evident in your work, your performance and how you interact with each other and the children. We applaud you and are already looking forward to next year’s presentation."
— Les Vail, President Bullock/Rogers PTA, Glassboro, NJ



“I rarely (never) write to those who do presentations for the community in this school house. But yesterday afternoon, for close to an hour, you had over 500 of our 7th and 8th graders absorbed in your stories, your thoughtfulness. Your focused and controlled energy suggested that a performance done well, made perhaps hundreds and hundreds of times, can and does make fresh connections… Your performance was profound evidence that kids do not need to be pandered to and that they take delight in being absorbed in thoughtfulness.”
— Stephen Albert, Assistant Principal Lenape Middle School, Doylestown, PA

“I was very impressed with your presentation strategies, which served to hold the audience’s attention, while offering a very timely message regarding self-worth, developing appropriate relationships with peers, and the perils of substance abuse. My greatest satisfaction came from the manner in which the message was offered in a subtle fashion, not like some programs which hit the audience over the head with scare tactics. Your presentation was one that I could recommend to any school administrator and would be happy to do so.” 
—Richard Cunningham, Director of Pupil Services, Ridley School District, Folsom, PA

“It is my pleasure to recommend Quiet Riot. Dave and Bill Mettler provide an essential message wrapped in a wonderful professional, current, interesting, amusing, and dramatic package. My 1200 middle schoolers were completely attentive and responsive to their performance. My faculty, not an easy group to please when assemblies interrupt their academic day, raved about the level of professionalism exhibited and the quality of the message.”
—Jane Benner, Principal Hillsborough Middle School, Somerville, NJ



“I have never seen a program which captured the assembled student body of Parsippany High School the way your Quiet Riot program did. To experience the involved silence of 850 students and 100 staff members was truly awesome.”
—Audrey Roberts Gregg, Substance Awareness Coordinator
Parsippany-Troy Hills High School Parsippany, NJ

“Quite frankly, I am always concerned when one or two people are faced with the task of capturing the hearts, minds, and attention of so large a group of adolescents. Clearly, they were in good hands. Your energy level was incredible throughout, and certainly you passed it on to our 994 students. They left the auditorium energized and your impact was obvious. I have received numerous personal visits from staff and students telling me how much they enjoyed the performance, and most importantly how much it stimulated lively and worthwhile discussions among themselves and in their classroom the next day.”
—William Hawes, School Psychologist Wallingford
Swarthmore High School, Wallingford, PA

“The talent and professionalism you both possess is truly a gift. Many students commented on how valuable it is to explore such critical issues. Crisis and conflict in the school is an up-hill battle. Your program helps schools take one step closer to victory.” 
—Gina Girotti, Global Awareness Project Coordinator
Neshaminy High School, Langhorne, PA

“Few assemblies have prompted such a large degree of classroom discussion as reported by our English Department Chairperson. Teachers and student said that the assembly was extremely successful in teaching cultural sensitivity. This is an assembly that I could highly recommend be seen by as many people as possible. The more people exposed to the concepts presented on making the world a better place one person at a time, the greater the likelihood of the human family growing in harmony as opposed to destruction.” 
—Linda Greis, Assistant Principal Elizabethtown HS, Elizabethtown, PA

“Within five minutes, you captured the undivided attention of five hundred teens and adults. You could have heard a pin drop when the audience was hanging on your every word and gesture, and moments later, the applause was deafening! You are exceptionally gifted at combining humor, mime, storytelling and a compelling message. Your performance was the highlight of the weekend Leadership Conference and received rave reviews from teens and adult leaders from across the Commonwealth." 
— Carol Wortman, Executive Director PA Aware, 6th Annual Leadership Conference 

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