Schools and Community

Quiet Riot offers programs for schools, churches, theaters, and various community groups in the Mid-Atlantic states.

Since 1978 Quiet Riot has performed at over 5000 elementary and secondary schools. Each program includes: storytelling, mime, comedy, sound effects, music, audience participation and activity booklets or discussion questions for the classroom. For grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

"In my fourteen years of teaching, I have never seen a more professional, more entertaining, and more motivating performance …Your message came through loud and clear, but without the usual "preaching" … How wonderful to see two extremely talented brothers who are able to blend diverse talents and who choose to channel the resulting product for the betterment of young people. You certainly seem to live and believe in what you teach"

-Betty McDevitt, Teacher, Poquessing Junior High School

School Programs

Conflict Resolution


Character Education

Bully Show

Planet Earth

Kindness Show

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