Your Seven Strengths

Self-Esteem/Substance Awareness/Character Education


Designed for grades K-6

“Your presentation of “Your Seven Strengths” was just spectacular. It was exciting for me to see the faces of the children “light up” as they watched your stories about the weird kid, the bully and the race car. You have unique gifts. You know how to teach and entertain simultaneously. You understand the things that kids need to know in order to be successful in life. You make “values” lessons fun. Kids (and teachers!) learn that there is inherent goodness in friendship, kindness and loyalty. And the most important part is that you practice what you preach.”

— Faith Kline, 2000 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year, Finletter School, Philadelphia, PA

Description of pieces

  • The Bully's Secret - Feelings
    Feelings are neither good nor bad, they are messages to us from our bio-computer. They let us know what is happening. Sometimes though feelings are confusing to us, such as mean feelings. Everyone gets mean feelings sooner or later. This piece explores these mean feelings and gives us an insight at what they are trying to tell us.

  • Jalopy– Good Health
    Using a sports car as a metaphor for the human body, this humorous sketch looks at what happens when we put things like, cigarettes and alcohol into the gas tank as fuel.

  • Wave– Interest, Friend, Group
    A story that is intertwined throughout the show about an island and a tsunami wave addresses the themes of building a supportive community, and how each us can make a difference.

  • Problem Solving – I can
    The importance of using perseverance and imagination in finding solutions to problems. (mime and sound effects). After the piece we teach the audience how to build a wall in mime.

  • Weird Kid – Imagination
    Being new at a school can be very difficult; it is for Anjuli. Despite the fact that everyone calls her the “Weird Kid” she figures out how to make friends by using her imagination.

We provide "The Whole Kid Activity Guide" a 10-page booklet for classroom teachers to help reinforce the concepts dramatized during the presentation.