Equipment Checklist:

• An amplifier with enough wattage to fill the room (minimum 250W/channel).

• A 6-8 channel mixing board with both XLR and 1/4" phone jacks, with sliding faders (as opposed to dials). Mixing board needs to be free standing and not part of a larger rack-mount system.

• One microphone, cord, and floor microphone stand. (not wireless)

• One lavaliere wireless microphone with alligator clip.

• Speakers on stands to provide an even mix for audience (minimum two 12-15 inch speakers with horns). Necessary connecting wires and speaker cords.



Technical Needs


Stage Requirements


If you have more than 50 participants, we require a stage to maximize visual sight lines for the audience. Please have available:

One stage minimum 12 feet deep by 24 feet wide. The stage or risers will need to be a minimum of 2 1/2 feet high. For audiences larger than 500, please notify us for details. Two six-foot long tables and two chairs on stage. No other items.
If the room is rectangular in shape, the stage would ideally be placed against the wall in the middle of the longest side. If stage lighting is available we ask that a technician be available several hours before the presentation.

Sound Equipment

If we will be flying to your location we request that a sound system be provided. During the presentation one of the performers provides live sound effects, operates a computer for music backdrop, and carefully monitors and blends the music and mike levels. Because this is done as part of the show, it is imperative that the sound system be on stage and in our full control. This equipment will be placed on one of the tables on the stage. Where noted in the equipment checklist, we would like certain pieces of equipment to be free standing (not part of a larger rack mount).

Because audiences and rooms are varying sizes, amplifiers and speakers need to match the event. I will be happy to discuss these details with meeting planners. House sound systems where speakers are in the ceiling do not provide the flexibility we need for our presentation.

Also please realize that our presentation is louder than a normal speaker due to music, sound effects and other theatrical devices. Please let the conference coordinators know this in planning other events in adjoining rooms.

All technical questions can be handled by David Mettler. See Contact Us.