Earth & Our Future Shows--Follow-Up Projects

What You Can Do

Your Eco Footprint measures the amount of nature you need to support your choices about Food, Home and Moving Around.

Discover your Eco Footprint at:

  •    look at the very top of web page, click on "footprint calculator"

Here’s what to do to make your Eco Footprint smaller:

  • Precycling:  Refuse what you don’t need, Reduce what you do need,Reuse what you can’t reduce
  • Recycle what you can’t reuse and when buying...Buy Recycled if you can.
  • Watch: ...and do The BIG 10!!!!

The BIG 10:


1. Choose organic, locally grown vegetables and fruits. Eat less meat and dairy— healthy & uses less energy. Join a CSA, Shop Farmers’ Markets, Grow a garden.

2. Drink & carry tap water, not bottled—cheaper & cleaner.

3. Use cloth bags for food shopping and reusable containers for leftovers & lunches.


4. Change your regular light bulbs to CFLs (spiral lights)or LEDs.

5. OFF is Beautiful: turn off water, lights, and unplug electronics when not in use.

6. Get a thermostat that you can program to turn down the heat or the cooling when away or sleeping at night. Try: winter: 68 F summer: 78 F; dress for the season

7. Keep sun OUT on hot days IN on cold days with shades, blinds or curtains.

8. Wash only FULL loads in dish & clothes washers—use clothesline to dry clothes.

9. Get local Wind & Solar Energy as “carbon off-sets” for your home: Wind and Solar energy are clean and healthier for everyone. It can be scaled up to help make a clean energy grid.

Moving Around

10. Here are the most to least sustainable ways to travel:

  • Walk or Bike
  • Bus or Train
  • Carpool…then, if you must, drive your
  • Car…but please make your next car a hybrid or super-fuel economy model. 

Bonus Action Step

Call your Senators and Representative. Contact information at

Tell them to:
Shift FOCUS: from finite carbon energy to clean, inexhaustible, climate-stabilizing energy

Shift FUNDS: from fossil fuels subsidies to energy efficiency, wind & solar subsidies

Please fight for and pass subsidy-shifting bills in the US Congress to fund green jobs and the clean, renewable energy economy.

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